Last week, I received an email from Sharon, one of our email subscribers (who are the first to receive latest blog post releases and announcements).

Here’s a screenshot of the email:

Firstly, please understand that sending direct mail to a cold list is one of the quickest ways to burn your cash.

Please be very careful.

A big mistake that we see many businesses making is that they buy a big list, they write a direct mail piece and then they send it with no idea whether it will work or follow-up plan.

If it works, great.
If it doesn’t, panic!

The best strategy that we’ve found is to two-step your campaign

Let me explain …

Step #1 – send the cheapest form of mailing possible to the entire list that is aimed at simply getting a response if the recipient is interested in you/what you offer.

You shouldn’t be looking to send our handwritten direct mail here, come it printed and cheap.

This could be by driving them to download some information, or it could be asking them to request a brochure if they’re looking for help with whatever you offer.
If done right, then 5-10% will put their hand up and reply.

These people become your hot prospecting list.

Step #2 – you can now actually send something special to these people that has the intention of selling/driving an action.

You can spend more money as you know these leads are more serious – which may mean sending handwritten direct mail or including something of high-quality within the envelope.

Plus, because you asked them to put their hand up with the first mailing – as long as you asked for their email and phone number – then you have permission to follow-up each of these leads by giving them a call and putting them through a follow-up process.

This two-step campaign is always my recommendation for cold mailings.

If you need any help with your next mailing or have a question – run it past me, I live and breathe direct mail and can almost definitely help you to drive a better response or save wasted spend.