What if everything that you've been told about direct mail is wrong?


Our Mission Assignment:

Protect Recipients from Boring “Bin-Worthy” Direct Mail, Destroy Traditional “High-Quantity/Low-Response” Mailing Houses and Help Businesses To Generate Sky-High Results From Direct Mail Like Never Before!

The UK’s Largest Handwritten Mailing House

The Villain

"Dr. Boringmail"

  • Boring white envelopes
  • Printed address on the envelope
  • Cheap franking stamp
  • High quantity, low response
  • Boasts about their 30-year experience
  • Insanely boring to work with
  • Counting down the days to retirement

The superheroes

"Captain scribble mail"

  • Coloured envelopes
  • Genuinely hand-addressed envelope
  • First class stamp
  • The best results in the industry
  • Boasts about untouchable results
  • Great fun to work with
  • Speeding up “Dr. BoringMail” retirement

The World Is Changing, Are You Ready To Step Up and Join The Superheroes of Direct Mail?

Consumer attention has drastically changed.

Whereas traditionally, you could send them a mailing and know that it’s likely to get read - today they’re bombarded with messages competing for their attention from all angles.

This means that sending them yet another boring piece of spammy direct mail DOES NOT work.

As soon as it lands on the doormat, it flies straight into the bin quicker than you can say, “Up, up, and away!”

It looks impersonal, it looks like a sales pitch and if they have any inkling that it’s from a company that they haven’t asked to be mailed from – then it falls on deaf ears.

But at Scribble Mail, we’re saving the world from poor-performing direct mail.

That’s because, after spending many hours in our secret underground lair, running experiments and planning for world domination … we stumbled upon a potion.

You take your mailing, you drop it in a coloured envelope, you hand-address the envelope and then you send it with a first class stamp.

What this incredible concoction achieves is that your mailing looks personal, it looks real and it looks like it has been sent by an actual person!

This wins the recipient’s attention, it gets your envelope ripped open and it gets your mailing read (with a level of trust).

This Scribble Mail potion results in industry-high response-rates and recipients that feel cared for (rather than just a line of data on a spreadsheet).

It means that you can burn less data to get the same results or that you can instantly increase your response rate by simply changing to our style of delivery.

Who Are Scribble Mail?

Scribble Mail are saving the world from poor-performing direct mail by bottling up their high-response potion and providing their handwritten direct mail service, which is currently the largest service of its type in the UK.

Working on behalf of some of the world’s largest brands, Scribble Mail helps to bring campaigns to life and drive industry-high response rates.

From hand-addressed envelopes to handwritten “thank you” cards – the power of the pen (and plenty of wrist-ache) is changing the face of direct mail.

Would You Like a Free Copy of Our “Scribble Mail” Comic?

  • Free copy of our "Adventures of Captain Scribble Mail" comic book
  • Handwritten sample
  • Some sneaky extras (sshhh!)

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