When reality TV first hit our screens, the UK went crazy.

It trumped standard TV because we felt like we were watching real people.

It felt authentic.

Remember Nicki having tantrums? She was loved by everybody.

But a few short years later, and we started to realise that reality TV isn’t as authentic as we had hoped.

We had a thirst for a new level of authenticity.

Vlogging then rocked up.

Real people, sharing their lives, with just a flip camera.

What has happened over the last ten years is that YouTubers, Instagrammers and real people have become some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

This thirst for authenticity is not just in our entertainment.

It’s in our marketing.

  • Email marketing used to feel personal and real – it quickly became spammy and annoying
  • SMS marketing then felt real and personal – it quickly became an inconvenience
  • Facebook adverts then appeared around our friends social posts – they quickly become annoying and clog up our newsfeeds.

Right now, Instagram Influencers are becoming the authentic marketing channel that many brands are pumping money into.

Why? Because they feel authentic.

But there is another way to feel authentic and real to your prospects/customers.

That is with … you guessed it … handwritten direct mail.

Brands are struggling to get their messages to their prospects/customers.

  • Email marketing open-rates continue to nose-dive
  • The latest iOS updates mean that you can’t make unsolicited calls
  • The costs to compete for attention on social platforms are rocketing

Direct mail allows you to go under the radar, avoid the cluttered email inbox and social media feeds and deliver a message where there is little competition.

By ensuring that it’s handwritten – it feels REAL to the recipient.

It doesn’t feel like another piece of spam, a generic marketing message or something they don’t want … it feels like your company/brand has sent them a message that you clearly want them to read.

It holds prestige and it gets read.

It’s why so many brands are now looking towards handwritten direct mail to send thank you cards to customers post-purchase and why so many businesses are now using handwritten direct mail for lead generation and customer retention strategies.

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