What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

Let’s not beat around the bush; the only reason that you’re here is because you want to increase the results of your direct mail efforts.

Whether that’s an increased response or a bigger impact on your recipient – you want to squeeze more out of your mailings.

Well the good news is, we’re the exact same. We live and breath the results of our direct mail campaigns (unlike the large majority of the mailing industry) and live & die by increasing response.

To give you a flavour of our high-performing direct mail service, here is a selection of case studies for you, or as we refer to them, ‘Hero Stories’.


We work with a market-leading UK training company (that we’ve promised to protect their identity) to promote the 300+ events that they run every year.

Their strategy to get attendees to their events is through cold outbound direct mail.

When they were still on the dark side, they were sending their invitations in white envelopes, with the recipients’ name & address printed, mailed with a franking stamp.

Their average response was one attendee for every 183 mailings.

We took over, and sent their invitations in plain envelopes, with the recipients’ name & address handwritten, mailed with a real first class stamp.

Their results increased to one attendee for every 88 mailings.

Increased conversion by


Printed Envelopes – 0.54%
Handwritten Envelopes – 1.01%
Increased response by 87%

Increased conversion by


Printed Card – 0.44%
Handwritten Card – 1.28%
Increased Response by 190%


We work with a large online brand that send “thank you” cards to people that use the platform in order to generate referrals/return customers.

Prior to working with us, they sent a printed card, which was sent in a plain printed envelope with a franking stamp – they tracked a response of one in every 223 cards sent.

They switched to us, and we hand-wrote the message within the card and sent it in a high-quality hand-addressed envelope with a first class stamp.

Their response jumped to one response in every 78 cards sent.



We were approached by a client that runs a scratch card lottery as a lead-generation campaign.

They send their branded scratch cards attached to a simple A4 letter that is always a winner, driving leads to collect a prize and become a lead.

Before working with us, they were sending their scratch cards in DL printed envelopes, with the recipients’ name & address printed, mailed with a franking stamp – this was driving them one lead for every 45 mailings that they sent.

We made the simple switch of keeping the letter and scratch card the same, but mailing in a bright coloured hand-addressed envelope with a first class stamp.

Their response increased to one lead for every 13 mailings.

Increased conversion by


Printed Envelope – 2.22%
Handwritten Envelope – 7.69%
Increased Response by 246%

Increased conversion by


Email Campaign – 0.22% Direct mail Campaign – 4.3% Increased response by 1854%

Case-Study Four – follow-up

We’re working with a prestigious hotel/spa group.

They approached us and they wanted more repeat bookings from first time visitors, and they had been using an email marketing follow-up campaign that they were sending to all new visitors in order to offer them an incentive to re-book within the next 90 days.

They asked our ‘Creative’ team to develop them an offline direct mail campaign, and we have delivered.

We generated a simple “thank you” card that holds a voucher and has a handwritten message thanking them for their visit and offering the same incentive.

The results have been incredible..

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