How Does Scribble Mail Work?


Scribble Mail are the UK’s most results-focused mailing house, by specialising in handwritten direct mail.

But here’s the best part ...

We’re as simple to hire as any other traditional mailing house.

You simply send us what you’d like to mail and the data, we can then get to work.

​Our "Scribblers" can handwrite your letters, cards or/and envelopes, and produce a campaign that gets attention and stands out.

Once your campaign is ready, we apply first class stamps and drop straight into the post.

It’s an effortless way to boost your direct mail results!


There are numerous ways in which Scribble Mail can help you to defeat “Dr Boring Mail” and save the world from boring direct mail.

Whether you want to get your mail opened by sending hand-addressed envelopes or you want to deliver a “wow” moment by sending handwritten thank you cards to your clients.

Here are a selection of our most popular services...

​Hand-Addressed Envelopes

Receiving a hand-addressed envelope is a rarity these days – we sub-consciously link handwritten mail with gifts, cards and invitations, which results in us frantically ripping the envelope open with excitement.

Having your envelopes hand-addressed and including a real first class stamp is a sure-fire way to maximise your open-rates and have each recipient eagerly opening your direct mail.

Our range of "Scribblers" can address envelopes in numerous styles – whether you want the personal look or you want to aim for more of a cursive style.

​Handwritten Cards

​Nothing says, “we don’t care about our customers” more than a printed Thank You card.

Our aim is to make every direct mail interaction with your prospects and customers as personal as possible – whether this is when you’re sending them a Birthday, Christmas or Thank You card.

Our range of hand-writers can write personal messages, hand-sign your name and write all forms of messages from one line to messages that are more complex.

​Handwritten ​Letters

When was the last time that you received a handwritten letter? Maybe a love letter at school?

We just don’t receive them any more, and if we do, they probably end up in a draw to be cherished.

Handwritten letters are a highly effective way of getting attention, they almost certainly get read and they deliver a level of care/love that no other form of marketing can compete with.

Whether you’re looking to send a short letter in direct-response copy scribble style, or you’re looking for a long form letter that looks personal and caring, we can help.

​Custom Packages

One of our biggest advantages is that we pack all our envelopes/parcels/boxes by hand – this means that we can create custom mailings that machine-based mailing houses cannot.

Whether you’re looking at delivering products, sending welcome boxes or looking to run some lumpy mail campaigns, then please get in touch to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Do you offer any sort of calligraphy?

Do you have different handwriting styles?

Can you prepare/send boxes or lumpy mail campaigns?

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