We're on a mission to save the world from poor-performing direct mail


Let’s be honest, the direct mail industry is OUT OF DATE.

​It’s full of extraordinarily dull people hiding behind insanely mundane claims.

“We’ve been in business for 25 years.”
“We offer a professional service.”
“Our aim is to provide affordable mail solutions.”

The thing that they don’t realise is that nobody cares.

All we truly want from a mailing house is a strong ROI and great results (the occasional smiles don’t go amiss also!).

Scribble Mail’s mission is to save the world from poor-performing direct mail, and send campaigns that allow you to annihilate your competition, dominate your industry and become modern-day superheroes.

Because, here’s the thing …

The world is changing.

Consumer attention isn’t the same as it used to be.

You can’t just send something and expect it to be read in a world where consumers have more competition for their attention than ever before.

It’s why the results of traditional direct mail are dropping year-on-year.

But do you know who’s at fault?

We call him “Dr. BoringMail”.

He’s been in direct mail for eons, he’s been doing the same things since day dot and his evil regime wants you to send as many mailings as possible without thinking twice about the actual results.

We call his evil scheme “high quantity, low response”.

He’s clinging on to what worked in the 80’s and still hoping that this internet thing is a fad.

You can imagine him sat there right now, in his evil lair, pressing the print button on his machine and counting his days to retirement, can’t you?

But do not FEAR.

Scribble Mail is here to SAVE YOU.

That’s because, we have the antidote to poor-performing direct mail.

An antidote that doesn’t just neutralise the evilness of “high quantity, low response” but allows you to instantly become a superhero (a bit like Superman in a phone box) and generate soaring results.

Because effective direct mail comes down to three things.

1.   You need to ensure you get the recipient’s attention.
2.  You need to get them to open your envelope.
3.  You need to get them to read your letter/materials.

Now, “Dr. BoringMail” fails on all three of these.

His white printed envelopes with their cheap franking stamp look impersonal, look like marketing and fly straight into the bin.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Oh no, it’s just another piece of spam direct mail – throw it in the bin!

But with Scribble Mail, we allow you to fight “Dr. BoringMail” and step up to join the Superheroes of Direct Mail.

That’s because, we have three superpowers.

1. First of all, we pack your letter/materials into a coloured envelope.

Instantly, you’re able to stand out on the doormat against the white and brown envelopes, increasing your chances of being picked up and being read.

2. Secondly, we handwrite the recipient’s name and address onto the envelope.

Seriously – a real person picks up a pen and writes their name and address onto the envelope.

Instantly, this makes your direct mail look personal, it looks real and it looks like it has been sent from a real person (not some kind of evil mass-mailing machine).

3. Thirdly, we then apply a real first class stamp to your envelope.

Making it look personal, important and showing that you care!

Combined, these three superpowers make your mail look personal – it almost looks like it has been sent by a friend or family member …

… and like magic, the recipient rips open your mail within seconds of it touching their doormat.

 Max Maclean 

  Ogilvy & Mather


“If you want to rocket power your marketing ROI (and if you’re in why wouldn’t you?) then you really need to check out Scribble Mail. Handwritten communications can augment the effectiveness of almost any campaign and with Scribble Mail, it couldn’t be easier. They’re fast, professional and they get results. Highly recommended.”

Is it a birthday card, is it an invitation … or is it your direct mail being opened and being read?

By sending your direct mail through Scribble Mail, you’re able to get your recipients’ attention, you’re able to get a 99%+ open-rate and you’re able to win more attention and build more trust.

​Now it’s your turn!

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