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The UK's largest handwritten direct mail company

Welcome to Scribble Mail, the UK’s largest handwritten mail company.

If you're a frustrated marketer/sales team that are sick of trying to find a mailing house that "gets it" - then you're in the right place.

Scribble was launched to serve direct response marketers to help generate a stronger ROI through sending real hand-addressed direct mail.

No printed fonts, just real pen and wrist-ache style marketing.

All of our mail is sent with a first class stamp, giving the recipient a feeling of really care and attention – and every method that we use is heavily split-test and trialled to ensure we’re constantly striving to increase conversion rates.

Now, the chances are - if you’ve reached this website - is that I don’t have to tell you why switching your direct mail to handwritten is such a smart thing to do.

You already know that it dramatically boosts the response; it generates a flood of thankful comments and delivers a personal touch.

I just need to persuade you that we're the right team to deliver your campaign.

Well, with over 200 happy customers and over 100,000 handwritten envelopes sent in the past 12 months, it's fair to say that we've got through a few pens!

Not only do we send handwritten direct mail, but we "get it!"

Scribble Mail was founded by UK direct mail specialist Oli Luke, when he became frustrated by the lack of mailing houses that actually understood how direct mail works from a marketing standpoint.

The beauty of working with us is that you're not blindly sending direct mail, you'll have our support and guidance to ensure that you maximise the response of every campaign.

Where Did Scribble Mail Come From?

Scribble Mail was born to serve marketers that want to boost their direct mail response.

The concept was simple; we’re not going to focus on fancy cursive“calligraphy” styles – but instead we’re going to focus on making direct mail look personal, and engaging.

We would send direct mail in colourful envelopes, always use a first class stamp and go the extra effort to ensure that every envelope is opened with excitement, intrigue and reciprocity.

So where did the idea come from?

Well, it was born out of frustration.

Founder, Oli Luke specialises in building and writing direct mail campaigns and he was getting irritated by the lack of UK mailing houses that understand simple direct response marketing principals.

So he set up his own. Back in early 2014, Scribble launched and since then they’ve gone on to send hundreds of thousands of hand-addressed envelopes, handwritten cards and unique direct mail pieces.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q.Is everything genuinely handwritten?

    A.Yes, we don’t use any printed fonts or machines. Everything we produce is simply with a pen and wrist-ache

  • Q.Do you offer any sort of calligraphy?

    A.No – we’re not a calligraphy agency and if you’re looking for perfect handwriting, then we’re not a good fit. All our handwritten is aimed at looking real and personal

  • Q.Do you have different handwriting styles?

    A.Yes, we have a team of hand-writers (or “Scribblers” as we like to call them) that all have a completely different styles of handwriting. From the boyish squiggles to beautiful feminine styles and everything in between.

  • Q.Can you prepare/send boxes or lumpy mail campaigns?

    A.Yes, since everything we produce is packed and prepared by hand, the tricky jobs that other machine-led mailing house don’t touch are our bread & butter. Just contact us and we can discuss further

  • Q.Can you print our materials?

    A.Yes, we can print an array of materials including simple letters, leaflets, postcards, magazines and much more. We just add the printing costs onto your quote.

  • Q.Do you offer a bulk discount?

    A.Yes, the cost per unit reduces based on the quantity size of your order. The more you order, the lower the cost.