Send Genuinely Handwritten
Direct Mail, Online

You click, we scribble, they feel loved.

Increase Your Open-Rates

Hand-addressed envelopes with first class stamps look real, look personal and get opened – if you could get more people to open your direct mail, what would happen?

Show Them Some Love

Make your recipients feel cared for and appreciated, by sending them something personal, rather than making them feel like a number on a spreadsheet

Get Better Results

Have more people open your direct mail, have more people read your direct mail and have it delivered in a style that makes them feel appreciated, there’s only going to be one outcome.

If you’re looking to send direct mail that sparks emotion, gets attention and creates goodwill, then you’re in the right place.

Scribble Mail were the UK’s first handwritten mailing house and remain the largest – sending hundreds of thousands of handwritten envelopes, letters and cards each year.

Because, let’s be honest – when was the last time that you received a handwritten form of letter, card or envelope?

Maybe for a Birthday or a Wedding?

The truth is, this highly regarded form of contact is sadly diminishing even though we all love to receive it.

That’s because, in order to send handwritten communications; it takes more time and more effort.

But what if you could send handwritten direct mail, and it took the same amount of effort as sending printed mail?

Well, with Scribble Mail – we make it incredibly easy for you, by taking care of the entire project in exchange for just a few clicks.

You let us know what you’d like to send – our nifty team of handwriters get to work to bring your campaign to life.

Your recipients feel love it, your direct mail gets opened and read, and your response rate goes through the roof.

Some Options For You To Choose From

At Scribble Mail, you send stunning handwritten direct mail
that stands out and drives action with just a few clicks.


Hand-addressed envelopes

Improve your open-rate, stand out on the doormat and have your prospects/customers ripping open your direct mail in anticipation


Handwritten Cards

Want to thank your customers in a personal style or drive a heartfelt response, then sending handwritten messages is sure to pull their heartstrings


Handwritten Letters

Want to ensure that your letter gets read? then nothing grabs attention like traditional handwritten letters


Lumpy Direct Mail

Want to send something unique that requires a personal touch, then let us handcraft and package your unique direct mail campaigns

Get Your Quote Now

Just answer a few simple questions about your campaign, and let us provide you with a quote

"Scribble Mail are so refreshing. They made a process that’s usually stressful and complicated really simple and allowed me to outsource my handwritten envelopes to a team that are a pleasure to deal with."


Sam Ashdown


“Scribble Mail have been my “go to” mailing house for sending all my handwritten campaigns, which have been a huge part of growing my property business. They’re highly effective, really helpful and are incredibly smart when it comes to driving our response”


Tom Wade

Flip Remotely

“If you want to rocket power your marketing ROI (and if you’re in why wouldn’t you?) then you really need to check out Scribble Mail. Handwritten communications can augment the effectiveness of almost any campaign and with Scribble Mail, it couldn’t be easier. They’re fast, professional and they get results. Highly recommended.”

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Max Maclean

Ogilvy & Mather